are you...

Suffering from imposter syndrome, wondering how the heck to take the next steps in your life, burnt out trying to create content, feeling isolated?

Imagine a community of women, hell bent on living their very best lives, supporting each other. Imagine learning from powerhouse women, the support of peers, AND having regular content for your own powerhouse brand.

The Beyond Boss community gave me the inspiration and support to take the first step to building a business I’ve been thinking about for years. The Insiders program gave me the tools and confidence I needed to make it successful.


Tired of MEH cell phone photos on your web and social? Join the IGNITE membership level and get up to 6 Micro Mini Personal Branding Sessions with Caitlin Thomas, and ignite your confidence AND your personal brand.​


Guilty of aimlessly scrolling social media? Fill that time with 4+ monthly classes and trainings presented incredible women from our network. Plus, gain access to our complete on-demand library of webinars with classes ranging from social media strategy, retail and ecom, resume building, cocktail classes, mindset, and more!


Have you been going it alone in your career, biz, and/or life?! Engage with our community in the private community Facebook Group where we will host happy hours, private trainings, and thoughtful discussions. This space was created to become what YOU need. We are making connections for your career and your life, without the awkward networking. ​


So all of this for less than you spend on your afternoon Starbs run, plus awesome discounts on Beyond Boss goodness!

HI! I'm Caitlin

beyond boss founder and CEO

I am so excited to have you here. I am assuming if you are ready this that you are ready to dive head first into opportunity.

I started Beyond Boss after a battle with post partum anxiety that left me feeling lonely, and confused about what the heck I was supposed to be doing with my life. It began as a day of mini personal branding photo session for women. We collaborated with local vendors and had the most magical day.

A few weeks later, with a fire lit in my heart, I announced a second event, happening in 8 weeks. I told my best friend that I hoped to sell 20 tickets. And we sold 150.

We filled the venue with women of all ages, backgrounds, and career types and stages. We shot photos, hosted mini workshops, and brought a powerhouse panel of local women to the stage.

And then COVID hit, and we went online. Here we are today. A community with hundreds of women participating in our online programming and micro mini personal branding sessions, all with the hunger to step into their power and live their best lives with no fluff.

I am so excited to welcome YOU.

we rise by lifting others

More than a cute quote or a catchy tagline, this phrase has become the cornerstone of all things Beyond Boss. This membership program is founded on the principle that knowledge, connection, and self love are powerful.

No fluff, just the genuine belief that you are capable of wild, intentional success. We are here to offer tools to help you get there.


You will be charged for the plan after the admin approves your vendor account


For Every Woman, In Any Career
Looking To Connect + Level Up
$ 25 Month
  • Full access to all Beyond Boss Online content and trainings, both live (4+ per month) and on demand
  • Members Facebook Group Access
  • 40% discount on all digital products + in person events
  • 10% discount in the shop
  • $20 off all micro mini personal branding sessions


For The Entrepreneur
Looking For Content and Connection
$ 67
  • Up to 6 Micro Mini Branding Photo Sessions w/ Caitlin Thomas
  • Full access to all Beyond Boss Online content and trainings, both live and on demand
  • Members Facebook Group Access
  • 40% discount on all digital products + in person events
  • 10% discount in the shop
  • $20 off all micro mini personal branding sessions


You are welcome here.  You are wanted here.  We celebrate your race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, body type, national origin, genetics, abilities, age, profession, nationality, and family history.   


Most frequent questions and answers

Micro Minis are held on specific event dates that allow Caitlin to serve multiple clients on one day, keeping the price low.


Members will have first booking access a few days before the dates are announced to the public. 


There is a link in your member portal to the scheduler, and you will receive a code to make your sessions $0 at booking!


Insiders Level members can book sessions with their $20 discount code! (sessions are $125)

Insiders Level is a monthly membership with no commitment, you can cancel any time if your circumstances or goals change!


Ignite Level  is a one year commitment, as it includes up to 6 sessions per year.


In the event that your circumstances should change, you can contact  Ignite members would owe the balance of their full price session fees for completed sessions.  

There has been something for everyone thus far!  Some examples are:


Finding Your Self Worth Outside of Your Career w/ Shrink Chicks, Skin Care with Rain Hoffman, Retail and ECom w/ Bri Conley, Influencer Marketing, Blogging Basics w/ Victoria of Burgh Brides, Content Creation w/ Alisha Cohen of Lish Creative, and so many more

If you are interested in a wide variety of topics, discounts, and community than YES, the Insider’s level is perfect for you.  60% of our community are working professionals!


The IGNITE Level is designed for entrepreneur.  It also works for bloggers or other content creators (who we would also consider entrepreneurs)! 

We are VERY COVID conscious, and the health and safety of our community and all humans is our top concern.



We soon as we can safely host in person events again, we will. Insiders will get 40% off tickets!

A few things.  We will ALWAYS have our Free Beyond Boss GIRL GANG Facebook group where you can network and connect.

The new Insiders Group will have more opportunities for virtual chill sessions, conversations, and creating what YOU want.  

Looking for a book club? LET’S DO IT. Host a Facebook room video call? Yes! 

Yes! A pay in full option is available, and includes a small discount!

When the doors open on 1/20/21, they will stay open for Insiders, but the price will bump up in March!


The IGNITE level will be capped, and when it is sold out it will not open until 2022!

The perfect way to get content for your personal brand regularly!


Caitlin schedules events 1-2 times per month at a specific location. You get a 15 minute session and 15 edited images for $125. 


IGNITE Members get up to 6 sessions per year, included!

4+ Online Classes every month
Complete Library Access

ignite level members enjoy
6 shoots per year
+ all benefits

a +$1,530 value

Time To Level Up, GF!
Ready To Plan Your Vision For The Next Year?

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