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Alisha Cohen on Beyond Boss Podcast MEET ALISHA Alisha Cohen is the founder and photographer at her business, LISH Creative where she creates beautiful imagery and stop motion for some MAJOR brands. She has a degree in marketing and started her career in the marketing industry before becoming a self taught photographer. She is now celebrating 5 years of full time entrepreneurship and is loving life with her husband Graham and pup Mona! ABOUT THE EPISODE THE KEY TO SUCCESS Alisha's work is vibrant, creative, captivating, and honestly...

Here are the facts: When we are working towards a goal, it can be so easy to lose sight of the reason you set the goal. Whether your goal was to "get in shape" or provide for your family, in the journey to accomplish a goal, it is incredibly easy to get off of track.Last week, my husband and I were butting heads. I was "working too much" and by working too much, I mean I was completely lacking the focus to properly manage my time as we headed toward a new launch. I was getting...

Items that live at the intersection of useful, attractive, and efficient. My happy place!Rotating Power Strip Tower - An amazing space saver that can sit on your desk and allows you to plug in 3 prong plugs, USB, and has a wireless charging top for your phone or Apple Watch!Erasable Gel Pens - If 2020 taught us anything, it is that erasable pens are a necessity. I use these pens in my planner to move tasks or appointments easily. They are smooth, the colors are pretty, and best of all...